NEWS  |  07.11.19  |  Yahoo! Finance

Fidelity Digital Assets is hiring 10 more blockchain and trading experts

Fidelity Digital Assets—the crypto-focused branch of the major asset manager—is looking to boost its team with the addition of 10 new blockchain professionals. The new positions include a range of leadership roles, including a vice president, director, and leading software engineer… as well as non-senior positions like a blockchain software engineer, product designer, and others.

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NEWS  |  07.10.19  |  Cointelegraph

Coinbase looks to launch a captive insurance company with Aon

The largest U.S. cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, is reportedly looking to launch a captive insurance company in partnership with insurance brokerage firm Aon. Coinbase and Aon see the insurance subsidiary as a potential solution to the alleged shortage of insurance available to cryptocurrency exchanges… And such a solution allows the company to keep the money that would be normally spent on insurance premiums.

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NEWS  |  07.08.19  |  CoinDesk

Singapore’s tax agency proposes to exempt cryptos from “double tax”

The Singaporean government’s taxation agency is proposing to remove the goods and services tax from cryptocurrency transactions that function—or are aimed to function—as a medium of exchange. The agency has also set out detailed parameters on how digital payment tokens are defined. Examples of digital payment tokens are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Ripple, and Zcash.

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NEWS  |  07.06.19  |  CoinDesk

Rising institutional investment setting pace for future crypto growth

Financial institutions are entering crypto with a quickening pace, setting the tone for the remainder of 2019 and 2020. What makes these years different from ones prior is the speed of professionalization taking place in the markets. In addition, these financial institutions are supporting a variety of blockchain projects focused on commodity trade finance and shipping.

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NEWS  |  07.03.19  |  Bloomberg

Brazil’s BTG Pactual plans $1 billion crypto token partnership

Banco BTG Pactual SA, Latin America’s biggest standalone investment bank, has teamed up with Dubai asset manager Dalma Capital to sell more than $1 billion worth of security tokens.The partners have a pipeline of deals for tokenization (the process of transforming real assets into tradeable digital contracts). Dalma plans to tokenize property and sports clubs, while BTG has already sold real estate-backed tokens.

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NEWS  |  07.02.19  |  CoinDesk

Former Ripple exec to lead Binance’s U.S. expansion as new exchange CEO

Catherine Coley has been appointed as CEO of Binance’s upcoming U.S. crypto exchange. Coley will be responsible for rolling out Binance U.S., as well as expanding the exchange’s marketplace in North America. Prior to joining the firm, Coley was an executive at San Francisco-based distributed ledger tech startup Ripple. Before entering the blockchain and crypto space, Coley worked for Morgan Stanley in Hong Kong and London in the institutional foreign exchange market.

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CURZIO COMMENTARY  |  07.02.19  |  Curzio Research

Old-school billionaire invests in crypto, others sure to follow

You’re always going to notice the big money players who vilify crypto. After all, it makes for good headlines and clickbait. But one lesser known, old-school billionaire has quietly invested in a cryptocurrency fund… blazing a trail others are sure to follow. You’ll want to get some exposure to this space before the institutional money pours in…

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NEWS  |  06.30.19  |  The Tokenist

tZERO launches crypto wallet and exchange services with the tZERO Crypto App

tZERO has officially launched its cryptocurrency trading app. The app immediately features two currencies—Bitcoin and Ethereum—with additional assets in the pipeline. Investors will be able to access private keys even if their mobile phones are lost, and a private key recovery system can restore funds or digital currencies.

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NEWS  |  06.30.19  |  CCN

Goldman Sachs “absolutely” eyeing crypto, doesn’t expect stock market crash

Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon is the latest to hop on the bitcoin/blockchain bandwagon. Solomon told French financial newspaper Les Echos that Goldman Sachs is “absolutely” considering its own cryptocurrency — following the lead of rival JPMorgan, which is testing its JPM Coin. Solomon says you should assume that all major investment banks are considering making a foray into crypto.

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NEWS  |  06.23.19  |  Times of Malta

What is security tokenization, and what are its benefits?

When does it make sense to digitize financial assets by using a security token? Max Kops, who launched his new book Assets on Blockchain, shares his insights. Security tokens have the purpose of digitizing financial assets in a way that makes them liquid and easy to transfer. This happens by moving the assets from banks onto the blockchain, where many platforms, providers, and wallets can integrate with each other.

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NEWS  |  06.21.19  |  Cointelegraph

4 big reasons Bitcoin’s price will probably not stop at $20k this time

Bitcoin broke into the mainstream in late 2017. At the time, its historic surge to nearly $20,000 was driven mainly by retail investors. Now, however, the public is still largely on the sidelines… And the number of Google searches for “bitcoin” is only around 10% of what they were in 2017. In other words, retail investor FOMO has not even started yet, which may suggest that BTC price could go much higher than before.

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NEWS  |  06.21.19  |  The Tokenist

Facebook plans to launch a second cryptocurrency: A security token for investors

In addition to Libra, Facebook will be releasing a security token. The Libra Investment Token (LIT) will be a free-floating asset similar to a stock. There are strict requirements over who can purchase these tokens. For example, one needs to have either $1 billion as a traditional company or in managed cryptocurrency assets. Each LIT will be a stake in Facebook’s cryptocurrency project.

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NEWS  |  06.18.19  |  Cointelegraph

Bitcoin is easily going to reach new highs

During an interview with CNBC, Fundstrat Global Advisors co-founder Tom Lee said Bitcoin could easily reach new highs and is becoming the reserve currency of the cryptocurrency space. Lee also noted it’s been worth over $9,000 in only 4% of its history—and that Facebook’s Libra project is a validation of mainstream interest in cryptocurrencies.

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CURZIO COMMENTARY  |  06.18.19  |  Curzio Research

Cryptocurrencies are gearing up for mass adoption

One of the biggest roadblocks to cryptos gaining widespread traction has been their lack of accessibility. But thanks to platforms like Square (SQ), this asset class will soon become as integral to everyday life as the smartphone...

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NEWS  |  06.17.19  |  Coindesk

Stonewalled by FINRA, up to 40 crypto securities wait in limbo for launch

Wall Street’s self-regulatory organization—Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)—has sat for months on some 40 applications from companies that deal in crypto assets. Some industry members think FINRA is waiting for clear guidance from the SEC on how cryptocurrencies are to be treated under securities laws… while others are convinced the SEC has explicitly told FINRA to hold off.

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