NEWS  |  06.15.19  |  The Tokenist

Ziyen Inc. set to tokenize oil on the Ethereum network

Oil and energy company Ziyen Inc. just announced it will tokenize oil assets. The energy company is the first such company to list oil assets on the Ethereum blockchain. The oil blockchain industry is being pushed by the security token sector… and we’ve seen similar efforts in other sectors, such as tokenizing gold bars or other metals.

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NEWS  |  06.11.19  |  CNBC

Coinbase launches its cryptocurrency debit card in six more countries in Europe

The Coinbase Card will be available in Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, and the Netherlands. The card allows users to spend cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin in stores and online at any merchant that accepts Visa. This all comes as startups, banks, and tech companies are trying to make crypto payments and trading more accessible.

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NEWS  |  06.10.19  |  The Tokenist

Facebook’s new cryptocurrency “Libra”: Whitepaper available June 18

Facebook’s developing cryptocurrency has been kept secret by the social media giant, with few details publicly known. However, recent reporting suggests Libra (not “GlobalCoin,” as it was previously dubbed) will be a multicurrency-backed stablecoin used for purchases in products such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp with no fees. A whitepaper is expected to be released on June 18.

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NEWS  |  06.09.19  |

IBM, Maersk launch blockchain platform in Russia for international trade

The introduction of blockchain technology into the Russian market is expected to facilitate greater levels of international trade for the country. Maersk CEO Yuriy Tsvetkov said the platform—called TradeLens—would bring greater levels of transparency to the contracting procedure by “distributing information about supply and demand, conditions, and operations between many participants of the transport and logistics processes.”

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NEWS  |  06.06.19  |  Cointelegraph

TradeCloud launches its security token offering

TradeCloud has announced the launch of the private round of its Swiss-based STO. The communications platform—designed specifically for the physical commodities industry—will offer an initial 25 million tokens for approximately $20 million over the private and public rounds. The TradeCloud Token (TCST) has both utility and security features, and holders will receive a portion of profits.

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CURZIO COMMENTARY  |  06.04.19  |  Curzio Research

Are you ready for a multitrillion-dollar market of opportunity?

The tokenization of assets is changing who can access capital—and how. Technology like smart contracts and blockchain will open the floodgates for Main Street investors… allowing access to the kind of early-stage gains rarely available to anyone but big money players.

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NEWS  |  06.03.19  |  Cointelegraph

US regulator in talks with Facebook over rumored crypto plans

Facebook is attempting to smooth out the regulatory landscape ahead of its crypto asset, currently dubbed GlobalCoin. There’s been considerable buzz around rumored plans for GlobalCoin, allegedly going live next year. The global payment network would span both the social media platform and its sister businesses Whatsapp and Instagram. Users would ostensibly be able to send each other funds, as well as make in-app purchases.

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NEWS  |  06.03.19  |  Cryptovest

Karma International ICO scam? CEO reportedly dodging early investors

Karma International initial coin offering (ICO) may be joining the large list of token sale scams as its CEO dodges investors and fails to answer concerned participants… while seemingly enjoying lavish pool parties. Unfortunately, many ICO projects have taken undue advantage of the lack of regulations and laws surrounding investor protection in token sales.

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EDUCATION  |  06.02.19  |  Cointelegraph

Tokenization, explained

Can a tokenized economy actually become a reality? Signs suggest an industry is emerging, and the potential of tokenization is now being widely recognized. We’re seeing the tokenization of such things as wine, chickens, eggs… and even a rare metal called palladium. A token economy would give a large boost to the global financial system. Here’s what it all means.

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NEWS  |  05.26.19  |  The Tokenist

Major film producer secures $100M in funding for his firm’s security token

It’s not often you hear about the media industry taking notice of security tokens. However, film producer Ryan Kavanaugh is looking to change that. His firm, Proxima Media, is launching its own token called Proxicoin to allow for investment in various media content. Small investors will finally be able to take part in this booming industry through fractional ownership of film, television, music, and other IP-driven content.

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NEWS  |  05.24.19  |  CoinDesk

Crypto exchange Binance confirms margin trading “coming soon”

After accidentally tweeting images suggesting a margin trading service was in development, Binance has confirmed the cryptocurrency exchange will be launching the service. Margin trading refers to using borrowed funds from a broker or exchange to trade an asset. Other cryptocurrency exchanges—including Kraken, Coinbase’s GDAX, OKCoin, Huobi and Poloniex—already offer margin trading services.

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NEWS  |  05.24.19  |  The Tokenist

Finally, a way for non-accredited US investors to access STOs

The wait is over for non-accredited investors… In Q2 2019, the required holding periods for two digital securities will expire on the OpenFinance Network. OpenFinance was the first regulated platform for secondary trading of security tokens in the U.S. But only accredited investors have been able to participate in STOs, per U.S. regulators. Until now...

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NEWS  |  05.19.19  |  CNN

Facebook Unexpectedly Plants Its Flag in Crypto-Friendly Switzerland

Facebook has reportedly set up a fintech company dubbed Libra Networks in Switzerland. According to Reuters, the focus of the fintech is on the blockchain, payments, data analytics, and investing … The Switzerland move was done with no fanfare such as company press releases or blog posts. This seems to be the way Facebook has chosen to roll out its Project Libra. It’s keeping close to the chest even where the project will be launched...

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CoinDesk  |  05.17.19  |  The Tokenist

Top Banks ‘Investing $50 Million’ to Build Blockchain Settlement System

Some of the world’s biggest banks are said to be investing around $50 million to build a blockchain-based digital cash settlement system. A Reuters report on Friday, citing “people familiar with the plans,” said possibly a dozen unspecified banks are involved in the project. The participating banks will reportedly be setting up a new entity called Fnality for the project, which could launch next year.

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CURZIO COMMENTARY  |  05.13.19  |  Curzio Research

Proof digital securities are a global phenomenon

Financial institutions and exchanges from all over the world are preparing for all types of assets to be tokenized… including Switzerland’s premier stock exchange, SIX. The new opportunities for investors will be mind boggling...

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